Welcome to Emerson Art Gallery™ 


Emerson Art Gallery™ features the work of local and national painters, sculptors, photographers, and unique artists in Fountain Hills, Arizona. The gallery operates in beautiful space donated as a non-profit service of Brokers Alliance Inc. at their headquarters building in support of the artists and citizens of Fountain Hills.

In addition to the large gallery space and services, Brokers Alliance® supports the arts in Fountain Hills with frequent events, and outreach programs that benefit charitable organizations, businesses, schools and artists. Emerson Art Gallery™ is a place for people to come for art, and brings art to  people where they gather in the surrounding communities.

Emerson Art School

 Whether one is experienced or just wants to try creating art, we can provide the continuing support needed enjoy the process of discovering your art. A list of classes and their times can be found at HERE.

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Emerson Art School is located at 13216 N Verde River Dr. in Fountain Hills, Arizona.